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About Us

Steven Yang(1022) has over 20 years of professional work and teaching experience in photography. He specializes in portraits, weddings, newborns, family shoots and stage performances.

He owns the 1022 photography studio and works with a team of talented individuals.

Before creating 1022, Steven worked as a full-time professional photographer in a local photography company in Calgary for over 12 years. Prior to that, he had 10 years of photography and advertising design experience in China.

In Canada, he has taken photographs of over 160, 000 people, capturing them in images that will last a lifetime. Steven has a very good understanding of his subjects and is well known for his exceptional work that displays the beauty of diverse cultures.


“My everyday life is fulfilling; I capture moments that clients cherish and present images that they can proudly display.” 

Steven’s style of photography is a celebration of life.

2022-04  Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal

Contact Us


wechat  calgary-1022


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